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    I'm not sure where exactly to post this. I didn't see a 'tech/problems' forum.
    So here goes,
    I have a nokia 5300 (xpressmusic)
    and recently the speaker (the one on top of the phone) stopped working.
    So now for calls I have to use the loudspeaker feature and it's quite annoying when everyone can hear my convo's.
    Is there anyway someone can show me a a sire that shows how to take apart the phone and maybe solder a new speaker on it or something?and/or check if maybe the wiring came loose or disconnected?

    I paid $250 for this phone (from tmobile, without a re-newing my contract, I know, dumb).
    And I don't want to buy another phone over something as small as a speaker problem.

    Thanks. =)

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    Re: Nokia 5300 speaker problem

    Use the manufacturers warranty and have it replaced.
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    Re: Nokia 5300 speaker problem

    Or you can go to the service center and get it fixed. Good luck

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    Re: Nokia 5300 speaker problem

    i had the same problem!
    so i got a new one sent to me under the warranty... but the new one only works with the head-set!
    i really dont want to get a new phone either, i hate figuring out how to work them each time...
    hope you have better luck

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    Re: Nokia 5300 speaker problem

    that was also the same thing happened to my friend. she brought it to the nearest cellphone repair shop and the people there said that it was the "flex" that made the problem.

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