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    I was browsing the web the other day with my N95. Everything was great, except that typing the URLs with the numeric keybad drives me crazy. The screen is big enough to use the web, and 3G is fast enough, but the input mechanism really is no fun. Epecially since I am used to using a QWERTY on mobile phones. So we (me and my brother) came up with the idea of writing a small app on the web that would help.

    I am not sure if this helps... (I am still using/testing it myself), but please give it a try and give some comments (good, bad, freking ugly...) and especially improvement ideas.

    What is pretty ok is, that the keyboard suggests you urls as you go along based on the most popular (mobile?) web sites...

    This works so far pretty well with most of the Nokia Nseries mobile phones, but it might work with others as well.

    Here is the address: nkeyb.com
    Oops, Long time reader - first time poster => no direct links for me

    Sorry if this is too much of a marketing BS... that is not the idea. I just want to get some input if it makes sense to develop it further - or simply trash it for good.


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    Re: Browsing the internet with a N95

    So the app allows you to use the QWERTY keyboard to type in the URL's?

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    Re: Browsing the internet with a N95

    Yeah, that is the general idea.

    Like said, I am not 100% sure yet if that is beneficial from usability perspective or not. It does also collect the URL data - so it will suggest the most popular URLS as you type along.

    It has no value when used from a PC (eventhough it does work from PC browser as well), but if you give it a try with a mobile phone, there might be something...

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