You know what, I am with T-Mobile, for one reason.
Because it is... or was... so easy..

When I signed up with them, they had great plans and i could (and still can) download ring-tones from any website, make my own, whatever. The T-zones was cheap, now I am paying 5.99, I can roam any wap-site without any restriction so on and so forth.

I usually never go with any T-Mobile branded phone, but I had a ready upgrade so I went with the 5300 (this was in january) well, I wanted to put google maps, yahoo2go, opera mini, but the ****ty T-Mobile has blocked internet on third party apps. WHY TMOBILE. WHY! I was with them since they were voice stream, and they go and do something like this...

well enough of me complaining. I want to unbrand my 5300, so I can once again have all those on my phone.

Any one have any websites that I can do this from. I don't want to sped alot, but a little is ok.

Thank You!

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