Hello Guys ,
I m using n73 . i had got it frm Australia . It is
3 cell . I had got it unlocked using ccode frm 3 .
The firmware version that came with it was v3.0638.0.0.1 10/30/2006

Previously i had changed its pc code to n73 me
Got its firmware updated to version v4.0727.2.2.1 07-04-2007

Now i had bought a new airtel prepaid 16 K sim
When i switch on mine handset it works in offline mode.

When i insert this sim particularly on older handsets
it works finely .

When i insert some other Airtel 16 K sim modules they r too

is there any network operator issue regarding the new firmware

or wht is the most probable problem

This sought of prob was also existing with other n-series handsets only
when used with airtel 16 k prepaid sim modules.

Acc 2 dealer frm whm i had bought Sim says its a prob within the Airtel
frm others wht i had heard there is certain Compatability issuse with

n73me with 16 K sim

now today

i had inserted that same sim which is causing problem
on mine friend handset i.e nokia 3250

when i switeched on that cell an error came stating that
" Sim Card Restricted "

plz let me knw now whether the prob lies with
Network operator

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