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    I have 2 Nokia 6102 flip phones that I no longer use. I gave one to each of my 2 kids to play with. Neither of these phones have a sims card in them. Well, I found out the hard way that these phones will still call out for emergency’s. My 7 year old boy was laying in his bed talking on his phone one day and I asked him who he was talking to. He told me it was just some lady. It ended up being the a 911 operator.

    I want to know, is there anyway to disable this function so my kids can play with the phones?

    Thanks Dan

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    Re: Emergency calling

    LOL ! This should be aired on Jay Leno's 911 emergency calls.

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    Re: Emergency calling

    I don't think you can disable the emergency call.

    If they are GSM phones, 112 is the international emergency number.

    And it can even call to this number without sim card.

    Maybe in your country, dialing 112 links to 911.

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