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    i have a nokia n75 from cingular , i had got it unlocked but still i am unable to put ringtone above 600 kb is there any solution to it.

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    Re: nokia n75

    do you have other files that might be eatin up room on ur phone maybe delete pics or vids etc.. you dont need or just get a 2gb memory card they're only $25 $30 bucks but before you spend any money take it to the local cingular center and see if they can tell you why u cant add more ringtones

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    Re: nokia n75

    MP3 ringtones ae placed because of the Cingular firmware. Debrand it to generic manufacture firmware.
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    Re: nokia n75

    Hm.... I think you need to get a memory card, or find an unlocking software for it. Btw n75 is pretty cool!

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