Hello all, I'm a new T-Mobile user and I am trying to pick my phone. I'll either be using the Nokia 5300 or the Motorola RIZR Z3. From my research the Nokia has a faster processor, better screen, and better music capability. However, it also seems to be more physically fragile, blocks third party java apps, and I have an iPod. The Motorola, on the other hand, has a superior 2 megapixel camera and seems to be more physically dirable. However, it seems to lack processor power and people are reporting poor image quality despite the 2 megapixel camera. What is the real loss with no third party java apps on the Nokia? Is the Motorolas processor really too slow? I use an iPod so the music stuff really isn't that big of a deal, but I beat the hell out of phones so durability is. What are everyones thoughts and recommendations? Thank you all for your time and help!

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