I got a T-Mobile To Go with Nokia 2610 handset.

The default ringer is T-Mobile.mp3 and I immediately discovered if you change the ringer to something else, you can't find the default tone in the ringer "gallery".

For a few days, I was able to restore the original ring tone by going to menu, settings, restore settings.

This doesn't work anymore. After using a different theme, the phone doesn't reset to factory default correctly anymore and I can't set the phone back to T-Mobile theme without going over many hoops.

My 2610 broke itself. It's a piece. Now when you do restore setting, it strips the phone of previous theme, making the default "Nokia tune"

Restore Settings > Theme > T-Mobile theme = "not enough memory" error.

On my handset, you have to set the theme to something else, then set it as T-Mobile to avoid the "not enough memory" error.

If you want to restore the T-Mobile.mp3 in T-Mobile theme after using a different ring tone, you have to re-apply the T-Mobile theme. You can't do it without setting the theme to something else, then setting the theme back to T-Mobile, or again you'll get "not enough memory" message.

What's up with this junk?

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