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    The eye-catching phone strays far from the familiar Nokia phones in many areas. To begin with, its unorthodox look. It doesn't look anything like a phone, and could be easily mistaken for a small booklet or address book. Nokia claims the 7200 is its next fashion phone. And it definitely is fashionable. The exterior of the phone is covered in a new innovative fabric with intricate designs. Each 7200 comes with a Style Pack that includes coordinated covers, soft pouch and wrist strap with matching wallpapers and screensavers. All so you can match every aspect of your phone.Being rather rectangular, its dimensions are 86 x 50 x 26 mm. Compared to most phones on the market, it's very small and compact. The keypad offers three soft keys and four-way scrolling. User configurable right and left soft keys are on the phone as well.

    On the front of the lid is a camera lens. The built-in camera has a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 px. When taking pictures, the internal screen is used as the viewfinder. Three compression options (high, normal, and basic) are available for picture quality and file size. Additionally the camera has extra features such as Portrait Mode, Night Mode, and a 10 second self timer. Also, the handset can record video in SubQCIF - H.263 format, along with integrated video playback and download: .3gp file format (H.263 baseline, MPEG-4 simple profile).

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    I think you could post this review and get paid for it. Why don't you?

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    I agree . hehe^_^

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