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    hi first I will introduce myself my name is nick and i have nokia 5300 music phone
    it worked fine but when i got home i take my phone off my pocket and the screen is all messed up the colors are mess up what should i do how can i fix it and buying a new phone is to much please help me if u need anything feel free to email [email protected] thanks alot

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    Re: nokia 5300 help help help please

    If you bought your 5300 from your service provider within a year of activation, just the warranty to get a replacement. If not, use the 1-yr manufacturer's warranty, contact Nokia, and have it shipped for repair (assuming there is no water damage). Repairing it yourself might be too much of a hassle for you.
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    Re: nokia 5300 help help help please

    try restart it...simplely replace the battery

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