Hi, about a week ago i have purchased a new nokia 6500 slide. it's basically alright except one problem with the phone which is annoying. Almost every time I'm talking to someone, my phone is kind of restarting by itself in the middle of a conversation meaning I'm being disconnected. Today i have used my phone twice talking to my wife and both times i had to call her back because after couple of minutes i have heard this kind of hissing noise and when i look at the screen it was dark and after about a second screen becomes white with only battery status indicator and then comes back to normal. It's factory unlocked version that I'm using in the US (NYC) with cingular sim card. I've been trying to google the problem to see if something comes up but no luck...i have read somewhere that with nokia phones it happens quite often and this is software problem but...i have no idea.
I just contacted the Ebay seller that i have a phone from (he is in Singapore) to replay and i will see what he will say about it. I really like the phone but i see no point in paying lot of money for something that doesn't actually work. Hopefully it's something that i can fix by myself somehow...please replay with any thoughts/ideas.

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