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    Suggest me which one to go for. SE Z710i or Nokia 6280.

    They've got almost same features...but design wise i believe SE is better but then the downside is that applications cannot be installed unlike in Nokia..

    any by the way do these phones support call recording?

    help me out!!

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    Re: Nokia 6280 or SE Z710i

    The Nokia 6280 are both different form factors. The 6280 is a slider, while the Z710i is a flip phone. Also, you're probably confused, but the 6280 is not a smartphone, so it will be limited to just about the same amount of applications as the Z710i, as they use Java or BREW.

    If you're talking about recording phone calls, then yes the Z710i does support it. I have never used a 6280, so I'll let the Nokia guru, xj911, inform you.

    One thing you failed to mention is what service provider you will be using your prospective phone on. Just remember that the 6280 does not support GSM 850.
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    Re: Nokia 6280 or SE Z710i

    about battery
    Z710i uses 900mA/h, while 6280 uses same battery as N73 (1100mA/h)
    depends on the carrier, both are fine with T-Mobile, or non-American carriers (Z710i is true world phone)
    I suggest Z710i over 6280 because it has 850, and it has full functional bt (it also supports OTA sync, bt stereo, PAN)

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