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    Hello In my nokia 7390 I can't photo with internal camera.



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    Re: Problem my nokia 7390

    Quote Originally Posted by studiode View Post
    Hello In my nokia 7390 I can't photo with internal camera.


    Have you tried the Users Manual or the support site??? (no 7390 listed)

    How do I use the Camera, take a picture, or record a video clip on my Nokia phone?

    You can take photos or record video clips with the built-in 2-megapixel camera. The camera lens and the camera flash are on the back of the phone, and the display of the phone works as a viewfinder. The camera produces pictures in JPEG format and video clips in 3GP format.
    The phone supports an image capture resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The image resolution in these materials may appear different. When taking and using images or video clips, obey all laws and respect local customs as well as privacy and legitimate rights of others.
    Take a photo:
    Keep a safe distance when using the flash. Do not use the flash on people or animals at close range. Do not cover the flash while taking a picture.

    1. From the standby mode, select Menu > Media > Camera >Capture. The phone saves the photo in Gallery Images.
    2. To take another photo, select "Back"; to send the photo as a multimedia message, select "Send". To view the options, select "Options".
    3. If the lighting is dim, or to use the camera flash, select Options > Night mode on or Flash on.

    Record a video clip:

    1. From the standby mode, select Menu > Media > Camera.
    2. To select the video mode, scroll left or right, or select Options > Video, and select "Record".
    3. To pause the recording, select "Pause"; to resume the recording, select "Continue". To stop the recording, select "Stop". The phone saves the recording in Gallery > Video clips. To view the options, select"Options".

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    Re: Problem my nokia 7390

    thanks 4 the help ... i was also not able to do so ...

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