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The Nokia N81 is the successor to the well loved Nokia N80. This cell has a massive 8GB of internal memory which is a great feature, but if that is not enough there is a memory card slot as well. The Nokia N81, with its slide-up technique, impresses in both looks and features. The Nokia N81 mobile phone comes with remote control, connectivity cable, compact travel charger & battery and a 2 GB MicroSD memory card. There is a feature of expandable memory as well that allows a user to add a memory card to suit their storage needs. The cell phone is available in a rich black color besides cobalt blue and graphite grey. The design is technically, one of Nokia's best and artistic, according to me. The N81 measures 17.6mm wide and weigh 140g. The shape and design of the phone is really pocket friendly. Its clean, professional, smart and a good screen for gaming facilities. There is ample buttons necessary on the main area itself to diffuse a bomb. and the key pads are nice and flat. The Nokia N81 is equipped with WLAN technology and 3G functions are also enabled. The phone focuses on the usage of media, music and the internet and comes with sophisticated and user-friendly function keys. The wide screen, which measures 2.4 inches, provides a high resolution and gives a classy viewing experience with its 16-million color display.

The N81 is specifically mutlimedia and gaming based. With a 2.4-inch screen, a slider design, Nokia has been thoughtful in designing this phone in that gaming and telephony has both been smoothly fitted into its nutshell. There are two keys which perhaps act as the A and B gaming buttons above its screen, there is also a new feature that no other Nokia slider phones have had in the past. A separate keylock button has been placed to allow convenient gaming while the phone’s slider is closed. Another scoring feature of the N81 is the fact that it does not fail to entertain. The plethora of games that can be played in almost realistic modes is much enjoyable and very lively. The action packed games can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode with special effects.

The Nokia n81 works on Symbian operating system that comes loaded with S60 3.1 software. The battery packs quite a punch and when fully charged, it can provide either 4 hours of GSM talk time, 3 hours of WCDMA talk time, 408 hours of standby time, 3.5 hours of QVGA video recording time, 4.5 hours of QVGA video playback time, 11.5 hours of music playback time or 6 hours of gaming time.In terms of buttons, the phone’s actual keypad has been installed based on a single platform plate which is completely different from the keypad of the N95 for example. Whilst this is so, the top end of the keypad, numbers 1, 2, 3 are very closely placed towards the bottom end of the top slider compartment, this may be a potential issue! However, apart from these minor problems, we would say that the phone itself has some good qualities, especially with Nokia introducing its new Navi wheel touch sensitive menu control, this does make the N81 quite unique. The Nseries line-up is now seeing a very amusing differentiation of its members. Nokia tries to take some devices to the mass-market using quaint designs and pushy advertising campaigns, like those of the Nokia N76.

Another part of its offerings, on the contrary, is jam-packed with features, so as to meet the requirements of the users who put some thought into choosing their new phones and normally have functionality on the top of their priority lists. Since the N81 was designed with the youth in mind, it’s no wonder why it sports such curves and materials. They tried to make it both no-nonsense and flashy at the same time, and in some ways they succeeded. N81 users can get access to millions of songs through the Nokia Music Store and listen to them on the phone's built-in music player. For gaming enthusiasts, Nokia is making available the N-Gage application where users can try games for free and buy the ones they like. The reception quality provided by the N81 is up to Nokia’s standard, nothing to worry about here. The volume of ring tones, all thanks to its stereo-speakers, is over the roof, which automatically makes the N81 one of the market’s loudest devices. The vibro alert is not particularly easy to feel due to the phone’s bulky casing. The Nokia N81 is no doubt the best creation from the N-Series Pavilion.

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