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    Not sure where to post this so here I am.

    I got a call from TracFone telling me my Nokia 1221 would no longer work in my area and I needed to get a "free" upgrade. I requested the free upgrade and they sent me a Nokia 1100. I called TracFone and they activated the phone but the SIM card doesn't work "SIM card registration failed" error. TracFone says it will work within 48 hours but it's been almost two days already.

    When I go to TracFone's website and plug in my ZIP code (94536), the Nokia 1100 phone doesn't even show up as being available for sale in my area. Does that mean they sent me a phone that won't work?

    TracFone sucks and their tech support can hardly speak Indian, let alone English!!

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    Re: TracFone Upgrade

    well, the phone they sent you is the good one. nokia 1100 is gsm that's work on 850mhz to 1900mhz frequency. the nokia 1221 you have is the old tdma provider. this phone works on 800mhz to 850mhz tdma and no service provider in the u.s is using this frequency now. this is the network of the old at&t and they move up to gsm.

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