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    i received my new phone and charged it to the max, input all my phone numbers and it was low battery- so went to charge again, but it wont charge!

    i have ordered a new charger. the socket i plugged the charger into was an extension lead, a cheapo one, i am now thinking that maybe this has somehow shortcircuited the charger? is this possible?

    will this mean its messed up the phone too?

    secondly, how do i copy all those numbers ive stored? i tried copying all to sim, but my sim says it is full, which im surprised about. how can i check everything on my sim and delete redundant info? ( i will use my old phone for this!)


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    Re: new phone won't charge

    Use the warranty that you have to get a replacement phone, and ship the defective one back.

    BTW OP, next time please be specific on what model number of phones you need help with. It sometimes helps out the people who would want to help you out.
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