Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone could offer any possible insight on this problem:
I've been using a Nokia N91 for at least half a year with T-Mobile, unlimited texting plan. I text a lot, so yesterday, after not feeling a vibrate or a ding all day I check my inbox to see at least 15 + unread messages. There was no "new message" icon in standby mode or on the top right of my screen ever, no "1 new message - read?" when coming out of standby mode, or any kind of indication at all that I had a new text. The only indication I get is AFTER i go into the messaging tab I see "Inbox" has a red asterick by it meaning I have new messages.

I honestly have no idea what's wrong. I didn't touch any of the settings but I double checked everything, message alerts still on in all my profiles, whether it's ring or vibrate or silent. Even formatted the drives, and did a firmware upgrade clearing my phone, still no dice. Rechecked and rechecked all my settings.

In summary: Nokia N91, same Tmobile service. Suddenly getting NO indication at all of new text messages, no vibrate/ding alert, no mail symbol in standby, no mail symbol on top right, no prompt to read unread messages when coming out of standby. New messages ARE coming in, I just have to check the inbox myself every few . minutes. I've double checked all settings, and reset the phone several times.

If anyone could offer any suggestions at all, that would be great.

Oh- btw the way: i DO still get alerts for emails.


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