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    UPDATE: I've solved my own problem. With further research I heard about the Nokia Mastercode- derived from IMEI. I got the Mastercode for each 3210 from the calculator on [a website which this forum will not let me post as I am too new - but Google "nokia mastercode" if you are interested]. The Mastercode works and I've reset security code to 12345. I'm amazed at such a simple solution, after hearing about special cables etc.

    ORIGINAL POST: I've just found/joined this forum and thought I'd contribute my problem, to which a Nokia person has said there is no easy/cheap answer. I'm sure that is true, but thought someone here might have some unusual idea with cable/soldering/software/PC which might help (eg NKProfile or Dejan Flasher, which I have heard of but do not understand). As the 3210s are useless as they are, I'm prepared to try new ideas.

    Problem: "I have a Nokia 3210 for which I lost the security code and entered too many wrong attempts. Thus I gather the ph must be reset/reflashed or something at a Nokia service centre.

    I read on this Nokia site about Do It Yourself software upgrade and see that restores security code to 12345. That should solve my problem.

    However I'd appreciate help with 3 problems:
    1. How do I identify which Nokia cable I need to connect my PC to the 3210? Or can I get a non-Nokia one or make my own?
    2. It seems I need to know the software version in my 3210. But I can't enter *#0000# in the ph because it is asking for the security code. Any workaround for that?
    3. I checked the site for available software upgrade for 3210 (model ID is 0504711). Site then replied "Enter valid product code". Does this mean there is no software available? I actually don't want updated software, what is in the ph now is fine. Any solution to that?

    I actually have three 3210s and a heap of batteries, accessories etc so it is worth my while to try to solve this (cheaply). Though new to flashing ph software, I am ok on PC use and soldering circuits, so I'd like to fix this DIY.

    Thanks for any advice."

    See More: Security code & software update Nokia 3210
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