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    Via Symbian-Guru.com:

    Quote Originally Posted by symbian-guru
    FlipSilent - Silences Calls AND Alarms!

    Written on January 6, 2008 Ė 1:30 pm | by DotsisxThis application has made it round all the blogs in the last hours but thanks to an early hint from Mr-X of the FinestFones blog, I was able to contact Tong Ren of the SymbianBlog and get a version of FlipSilent for my trial N95 8GB.

    For those of you who are still wondering what FlipSilent does, despite the oh-so-obvious name of the application, it is meant to put the device to silent mode simply by flipping it when receiving a phone call, a feature inspired by the Sensor demonstration video we got from Nokia along with S60 Touch UI at the Symbian Smartphones Show, and yes the promised ShutUp is meant to serve the same purpose.

    The great parts about this nice freeware are that you get to set this application to autostart with your phone on boot, that you can pick whether the phone just goes into silent mode or hangs up the call (or both), and that you can even set which profile is activated when you flip the device over again. I was reading this and got pretty much excited about it, but was still wondering whether it has the same effect on alarms: we all know that the alarm on S60 rings, even if the phone is in silent mode. So I was skeptical, especially that Tong Ren didnít mention anything about alarms in his blog.

    Well the good news is here: it silences the alarm, be it the ordinary S60 alarms or the alarms set in Handy Clock (you bet I tried that too!). Good news is that when you flip the device, you push it into snooze mode, so after 5 minutes even if the device is still flipped, itíll ring again and youíre gonna have to pick it up this time to silence it, or double flip it: by then I bet youíre mostly awake, but I understand there are some deep sleepers around. I canít wait to try it out tomorrow in the morning, because I do believe silencing the alarm is going to be the main use of this application, and not the phone calls part. Maybe I am wrong.

    Right now youíll have to email Tong Ren to get him to sign you the application for your IMEI and send it to you. I understand he is working on getting it signed for the public, so if you donít need it urgently donít flood the guy with requests. Oh and one more thing, install it on your phone memory and not the memory card, otherwise it doesnít seem to work, and of course you need the Accelerometer Plugin to make it work.

    Get it here, you'll have to get it signed though! Rename .mp3 to .zip

    See More: Flip Silent--N95 App
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    Re: Flip Silent--N95 App

    I tried to install it but it replied Certificate Error on my N95!
    What is the problem?

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