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    Via Boygeniusreport.com

    Quote Originally Posted by boygeniusreport

    External stick-on lenses for mobiles first surfaced years ago and they really havenít been widely adopted. Maybe itís because theyíre not marketed well, maybe itís because they donít work well and maybe itís just because theyíre ugly. Whatever the case may be, the Mobile Phone Telescope is one of the first options weíve seen that actually packs some significant zoom capability. Available for a variety of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola models, this lens adds an additional 6x optical zoom to your mobileís already existing zoom capabilities. It doesnít fix directly to your phoneís case thankfully; instead it includes a form fitting shell that hugs your mobile. The lens then fixes to the shell and can easily be removed for storage on the go. Yes, it makes your phone look plain silly, but if you have a mobile with a decent camera you might finally be able to toss your separate point-and-shoot and carry the lens attachment in its place. Brando, the well-known online retailer from Hong Kong, is offering all models of the Mobile Phone Telescope for a paltry $19 and shipping is a flat $3 worldwide. If you can get past the awkward stares youíll be getting every time you pull this thing out of your pocket, itís really not a bad deal.

    See More: Mobile Phone Telescopic Lens, 6x Optical Zoom

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    Re: Mobile Phone Telescopic Lens, 6x Optical Zoom

    Damn I need to get me a nokia..It looks a lot better on the Nokia than moto/ericsson.

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