Hello all,

Absolute nightmare here!

My Nokia 6280 (previously on 3 network) was giving me trouble all day - the screen would garble and invert itself (on slider lock) and now the screen is black completely. The phone still works but screen is in darkness.

I'm not too pushed about the phone but my contacts are all on my phone and I really need them transferred to my SIM.

So I reckon I have two options:

(a) figure out the exact key sequence on how to switch on Bluetooth and use some data suite program to get the contacts off.
(b) figure out the exact key sequence to go into my phonebook and copy phonebook contents to my SIM?

So can anyone help me with either above?

Can't go to a Nokia Care center (none near me) and warranty is out on it. So as i've said, i'm not bothered about the phone but contacts are very important.

Hope ye can help me.

Thanks in advance,


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