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    Hello everyone,

    The Nokia 6600 I loved for years just stopped working one day. When you turn it on after taking out the battery, the NOKIA symbol comes on then everything turns black.

    I just recently purchased a Blackberry, but still have another NOKIA phone to use. HOwever, all my contacts are in the old phone. Is there a way I can still retrieve my contacts from this phone? I'm desperate that even if I can just view them in some way, and manually copy them, I would be happy.

    It does have an MMC, but I don't think the contacts are in there. Iw as able to get my pictures, but the contacts are very important.

    I would appreciate any help you can extend me.

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Nokia 6600 crashed, how to transfer contacts?

    You could try experimenting on these lines which I used to transfer from a Nokia 6230i to a Nokia 3120 when I could not find a published answer or instructions. on Nokia web site or in manuals.

    To transfer Names / Contacts from Nokia 6230i to another Nokia phone by Bluetooth, go to Settings, Connectivity, Bluetooth, Paired Devices and pair the 2 phones to recognise each other and use Business Card option.

    In the 6230i go to "Names" scroll to selected name press "Details", press "Options", scroll to "Send Business Card", press "Select", scroll to "Via Bluetooth", press "Select", scroll to "All Details", press "Select". Display shows "Searching for Devices", when devices is found press "Select" and display shows "Connecting to New Device"

    Display on new phone reads "Receive Data from (NAME OF OLD 6230i).
    Press "Accept". Old device/phone shows "Business Card Sent". New device shows "Business Card Received". On new phone press "Show" and "Save". Repeat fo each entry in phone book.

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