Hi! guys. yesterday i found a very useful software,called MCleaner.because it's easy to use and good for me when i'm busy now,constantly in important meetings or discussions,my mobile is always ringing in a bad moment. i just need to use the MCleaner.

It permits you to set up blacklists and whitelists (A black list is a set of phone numbers that people calling from those numbers can not get through to your phone while a whitelist is a list of people that can always get through).

About program asking you to do something while application starts, you can an enable an option which says never asks again. next time it won't ask you again.

Has a scheduler function that permits you to have different responses based on time of day.oh,sorry,i forgot to say the important is that it could reject the sms harassment at night,so i could have a good dream. easy,best blacklist,really useful and it just spent me a little money ,very inexpensive and useful software!

By the way :Install on your SD card. Well it works for me,when you block a particular number,see to it you have enabled both sms+call option.

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