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    Houston, TX
    My phone has been acting really crazy lately
    Such as when I try to send a txt and it won't show it went out when it really did
    Or my messages not going out and having to restart my phone to make it work
    Anyways I was turning my restarting my phone so I could finally send a message...
    And then, it wouldn't stay on... it would stay on as normal
    then outta no where shuts off and turns back on again
    until the point where the phone wont turn on to regular use...
    I turn it on now and it shows me a small icon with a question mark inside of it
    shows my signal, battery life, and time...
    Thats about it, no menu option or anythin' else at all can anyone tell me if my phone is gone for good?
    I called T-mo and they're sending one out to me in seven days...
    I get thousands of text messages a day and waitin' about seven days is probably gonna kill me....
    Thanks =]

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    Re: Question mark when I turn my 5300 on?

    well i guess. you made it. :P

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