Do you remember the Nokia 7210? Did you think that it would have been much better had it been a little less flashy and a little more executive? Then your wish has been granted by Nokia with the release of the Nokia 6220 classic For AT&T Cingular due to be in the market in the 3rd quarter of 2008. With a candy form factor, the phone measures 108 x 47 x 15 mm and weighs 90 grams; giving it the optimal size to weight ratio for ideal usability.

The LCD is 2.2 inches diagonally with TFT and 240x320 pixels. The 16M colors are more than enough to provide excellent results of pictures as well as graphics and all other information. It displays 8 lines of text and sufficient space to display pictures. The nokia 6220 classic for at&t cingular has a decent-shaped keypad with nicely finished keys that give excellent feedback. The curvature of the keypad as well the sunken parts in the center of the keypad make usability excellent. The neon backlight in the keys adds a very classy dimension to the phone as well.

One of the reasons to buy nokia 6220 classic for at&t cingular is its excellent camera that is 5 mega-pixel. The lens is made with Carl-Zeiss optics technology and the pictures are captured in 2592х1944 pixels to give razor sharp images. There are additional functions like auto-focus, a xenon flash and the option of capturing video at 30 fps. There is a secondary CIF camera that can be used for video capture.

Other nokia 6220 classic for at&t cingular features include 120 MB of user memory, 128 Mb of SDRAM memory and more importantly, an ARM 11 369 MHz processor for lightning-fast processing and tasking. The operating system of the cheap nokia 6220 classic for at&t cingular is Symbian 9.3 to give extra user-friendliness. Details of all this and more can be found in any nokia 6220 classic for at&t cingular review.

There is virtually unlimited nokia 6220 classic for at&t cingular compatibility since the wallpapers, ring tones and screen savers are fully downloadable. For the nokia 6220 classic for at&t cingular price, there are a lot of features that give you excellent value for money like built-in GPS receiver, TV-out cable, JAVA platform, PTT, FM radio, MP3 player, T9 predictive text input and a fully-integrated hands-free.

The nokia 6220 for at&t Cingular also has the option to be connected to the web through various features like class 11 GPRS, class 32 GPRS and 3.6 Mbps HSDPA. The browser is HTML and there is also the feature of SMS/MMS and instant messaging on the 6220 classic for at&t cingular. There is a fully integrated bluetooth (with support for all profiles) as well as USB so that you can easily transfer your stuff to and from the discounted nokia 6220 classic for at&t cingular.

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