Okay, I'm not much of a reviewer, so here's my quick and dirty take of what's good and bad about the N78. I also added the opinions of some of my fellow co-workers and friends after giving them the phone to play with and gauging reactions.

What I liked:

1. VERY quick UI
2. Cool menu transitions and animations
3. Camera is great, geotagging and online share are a breeze
4. Battery life is awesome! I've charged it a total of 3 times (with heavy usage) over the week I've had it.
5. Call quality is great, calls sound clear
6. Reception is typical Nokia, which means damn good
7. WiFi connection is smooth, and surfing is super fast
8. GPS locks on quickly and works well (w/Nokia maps + Google Maps)
9. Ability to stream .flv files in browser
10. Home Media SYNC and Streaming
11. Love the D-Pad, feels very "normal" against my thumb, the breathing light is a cool touch
12. Every MP3 playing phone needs a 3.5mm jack
13. and definitely an FM tuner...very cool touch althouh it works as well as one you would buy at the store.
14. Cool new task manager, although still doesn't "kill" open apps like Handy Taskman
15. You can have a slideshow of pix for the wallpaper and s


1. The Nav Wheel - If you could adjust sensitivity...I may tolerate it
2. The Keypad - I'm used to the numbers, but the "flat" keys (send/end/soft) are sometimes tough to press, and easy to press the wrong one.
3. The loudspeakers can be a little tinny at loud levels
4. The speakerphone doesn't work as well picking up voices as past nokias, I had to hold it pretty close to my mouth for the other caller to understand me.
5. Build quality isn't as solid as I would like, the back cover is a little loose.
6. I miss the lens cover, I'm continually wiping the camera lens prior to pic taking.
7. phone auto locks in power save mode...so have to unlock all the time!

Overall I'm digging this phone. Would I buy one? Probably. The keypad is the biggest annoyance to me, but you get used to it after a while.
Everything else is kind of nit picky. I haven't encountered any major bugs while using it, but the phone has locked up on me a few times while using the GPS (once), Camera (twice), and MP3 player (twice). It's not a regular occurrence and I can't seem to recreate the problem, so it's not something I am worried about.

I think I answered most of the questions in the last thread, but if not ask away, I still have the phone a little longer.

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