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    The new Nokia 2505, is one of the few television advertising low-end CDMA mobile phones, more accidents is its popularity skyrocket, more than four thousand people every day check prices, stable hot list TOP 10. On a no camera, no MP3, the price of less than five thousand dollars for the phone is definitely a miracle!

    1 : double-sided design
    Nokia 2505 support CDMA 1X band in Taiwan, only the Asia-Pacific model. As the Asia-Pacific customers special attributes, 2505 to call all of the community. 2505 is to use the appearance to win, and meticulous piano black paint, also used the term “double-sided” concept, will be positive and negative doing the same, because the two are the black-face, no screen, the Nokia plant has the same logo, So long to see again clearly isolated also available, is indeed very special.

    2 : Super-size mini -
    The second feature of the phone appearance is “small.” 82 x 42 x 16.6 mm, on the hand, only about half of large, 65 g of weight is also very light, you can put it on any one of the pockets.
    And MOTO V3 compared to 2505 can be seen now is how the mini. The width of the fuselage, as compared upright machines, shorter length than V3. To the size of clothes to describe, this is of 2505 is certainly “XS”.

    3 : high quality paint Piano
    One of the characteristics of low-end phones, the plastic is the sense of overweight, purely by low-cost attractive. 2505 is clearly aware of this point, so in the case hands-feet, so that you willingly spend a little more money. 2505 ad very texture, the machine is really not bad, piano paint and meticulous, eye-catching black-and-white color, and Chang Ming NOKIA Xiangshang two inscribed tablets of silver decoration, elegant but inexpensive.

    4 : sexy body arcs
    Apart from the different materials, the 2505 collapse have knowledge. It’s great Kaigai perspective, the phone will be shared almost flat, but you will find that it covered the front and rear will be fully launched in the joint, two silver factory emblem exactly align with the fuselage extend the symmetry lines, it is really Somewhat elegant beauty, and this is a small low-end machine exclusive fun!
    He later covered by side, 2505 is a common fold phone, a remarkable black and white is the color for a sandwich-type, two each side headphone jack and strap hole, user-friendly it will be lightweight, hanging in the neck Wearing a walk.

    5 : a click-to-flashlight
    Another interesting is the small LED flashlight, it switches on the front at the top, a translucent rubber softkey, at first glance to think that this is the lamp, the lamp in fact it Xiatou is in a shaft in the direction of Zhao.
    Use is as simple as holding down the softkey 2 seconds, LED bulbs will continue illuminated, Huazuo magic flashlight; closed while short by softkey to 2. As light bulb at the top position in the shaft, flashlight He covered only when activated, will automatically extinguish a Kaigai, during times of the signal lights display.

    6 : a button -
    2505 using the five-way navigation button, four software key, Coupled on 12 key figures symbols are standard, button-depth enough, Ruanruan by the very good; below the number keys to the uplift of similar S-type plastic strips on January 1 zone Separated, just cut into four horizontal row, good-looking while also would increase the identification of.

    7 : cheap screen
    Basic configuration, the 2505 screen only 128 x 160 resolution, 65,000 color standards, but also CSTN material, Gang Jiechu phone players can also see that this is a very common screen, the picture that shows only reluctantly and text In fact even the wallpaper has become a standby of a grid of the grid, Buhao Kan.

    8 : FM Radio + many tools
    2505 specifications dull, so as far as possible in a small local players to bring surprises. The screen can replace the picture, and is full-screen display, cell phone wallpaper also include 10 for replacement. With the main menu for the Jiugong Ge, and Chinese all models show that the automatic keylock, the flip cover closed function detail options.
    FM radio is its main function, but also the most central Jiu Gongge option, the default is FM, will be able to plug in headphones to listen to various radio programmes, the time for you to kill boredom. In addition to other wallpaper, 2505 also showed that the replacement of color, a total of: blue, purple, red, orange, gray, green, blue and green, pink, and so on eight kinds of colors.

    Into the “electronic secretary” option, see the 2505 comes with a number of tools, in particular, but very practical. Including the alarm clock (1), calendar (Memo to add the content and lunar calendar display), computer, stopwatch and countdown timer. 2505 is also accompanied by sound recording, but limited memory limit, recording a total of only 90 seconds.

    9 : high-capacity contact
    2505 300 T contact space, each name can record: companies, homes, mobile phone, fax, a total of total of 5 general number, while another five kinds of groups and individuals classified ringtones can choose. If RUIM card with the 220 T space, this is also a small cell phone can carry a lot of numbers, the general office workers and students, should be enough.

    10 : Retro but the fun of the game
    2505 does not support Java, but the phone still has three default games: Racing, digital box, there are 486 computer age people love the knock bricks. These games are not 3 D, and only very simple synthesis audio tips, but still strong enough of the play, Wanzhuowanzhao, will return to the GANE BOY Nintendo NES or the illusion of age.

    Price is not the noble people of the National
    Actually played the Nokia 2505, presumably head will emerge “good small” or “feel pretty good” idea, and the fact that almost so, and indeed true for TV ads taken as the United States, no wonder the Asia-Pacific users will Quzhiruowu. But 2505 the price of some people shaking their heads, an ultra-low-band FM phones sold over four thousand dollars, such pricing in the GSM market, is not absolute; change to the Asia-Pacific market, but it is popular, it is Ironically. Asia-Pacific in the hope that the new enterprise identifier “A +” after it is published, can really break a new phenomenon, at least start with the phone started!

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