I recently upgrade to the Nokia 6205. So far I have had it a total of 5 days and am enjoying a lot. It has everything I look for in a phone durable, sleek, good speaker quality, front and back screens, and a nice button layout. So far it has been a huge improvement over my VX9800 which did alot of things but did them all poorly. Verizon was running a special promo for the Dark Knight so my phone is a "Dark Knight Edition" which means you get a battery cover with a batman logo on it (you get a blank one as well), a few batman wallpapers, and batman ring tones (they call them ringtones but they are more like sounds clips from the trailer). All in all this extra content is pretty pointless but adds for a small bonus if you like batman (which I do). Any one else out there have this phone yet or know of any cool things I can do with it?

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