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    I'm sick of carrying a separate charger around for my phone when everything else I carry with me can be charged by a single USB cable... so I would like to "fix" my 6120c so that it can be charged by the USB cable. I popped the thing open and found that there was no way that I was going to be able to add a jumper between the USB jack and the charger pads (It's tiny in there, I'm not that good at soldering!).

    So I probed around and found that the USB power connector and pin 7 in this set of pads inside are connected. If I plug the USB cable into a computer, I get 5V on this pad. pinouts.ru claims that it is USB Power_Detection/Vbus (pinouts.ru/CellularPhones-Nokia/nokia_6270_pinout.shtml).

    Does anybody know what else uses this pad? My soldering skills are certainly good enough to put a wire between this pad and the power connector pad. Is this pad directly fed by the USB 5V in, or does it pass through some IC first (so that it can't carry much current)?

    It looks like some kind of diagnostic connector, and it's accessible without taking the phone apart (it's under the SIM card). There are witness marks on it from, I assume, testing at the factory.

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    Re: Charge via USB "hack" (internal pinout question)

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