Earlier today, my 11 month old 6126 fell 2 feet onto a concrete floor, knocking off the back cover & battery. After reinstallation I discovered that both displays no longer work - the outer briefly lights up to off-white and the inner does nothing at all. I had no insurance but AWS is sending me a reconditioned unit next week.

I did not have a microSD memory card installed (ordered it just last Sunday) and the SIM card is from a previous Sony Ericsson. I do have the USB cable and used it the other day to upload 2 ringtones from my PC. I did not have the chance to backup my address book.

Is there anything that I can do to restore the displays or should I just wait for the new phone to arrive? I am quite happy with the 6126 and AT&T and am off-contract so I'd prefer not to upgrade.

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