Hey all. I have a nokia 6620 phone that has been working perfectly. I recently went on holiday and used my charger in the hotel's 120V plug and it worked fine. Most of the other plugs in the hotel room were 240V I believe, with three holes. Anyway, on returning home, my charger started acting weird. The first time used it on my phone I saw the message "Not Charging". I had never received this error before. After that the phone would simply not charge at all when using that charger.
It gets stranger. I then borrowed another identical original nokia charger and plugged it into my phone. It charged the phone, but only when the phone is held perfectly still in certain positions. If it is moved the charging seems interrupted, and sometimes stops altogether.
Even weirder - I have been using this borrowed charger for several days. Tonight I tried to charge the owner's phone with it, and it is not charging her phone at all. It is as if by charging my phone the charger was spoiled.
And to crown it all, I took my phone to a repairman to be checked out. As soon as the repairman plugged in his charger, the phone began charging perfectly. The repairman could do nothing. So it charges perfectly elsewhere but not at home? I am now baffled.
Is it my phone at fault? Is it that I should buy a new charger? Does the 240 voltage when I was on holiday have anything to do with it, even though I only used the available 120V? Help please.

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