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    im hoping someone on this forum can help me out on this.

    Ive been using the nokia 6265i since january 2008, it was purchased new from Telus. Ive had no problems with it, until recently, the charger stopped working, i was able to fix this by simply getting ahold of a new charger.

    my problem now is, the screen froze one day. it wouldnt shut off using the screen power buttons, so i pulled out the battery and re-inserted it again into the phone. The phone started up and began working. One thing i noticed, some of my main menu icons have gone missing.

    Call History, Wireless Web, My Albums, Settings and Tools menu icons are not showing up. I can access these features but their "icons images" have been replaced by yellow question marks.

    im just curious if i should send this phone in for repair or if theres another quick way to fix this.

    any ideas?

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    Re: Missing menu icons on Nokia 6265i

    sorry can't help on this

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