I need to find the physical/m.a.c. address for my Nokia 6086, which is a u.m.a. device with wi-fi capability.
1) google has been useless
2) customer service is kind of pitiful (they tried to tell me to call apple computer?!?)
3) the Nokia code, *#622 095 26# does not work with this model and does not retrieve the mac address.

-the phone connects to most wi-fi networks reasonably well, its just that one network I spend a lot of time on needs to have the mac/physical address registered in order to connect.

My service provider (T-mobile) cannot reasonably be expected to have this sort of information, nor is the T-mobile hotspot or T-mobile at home service in question here, just the physical/m.a.c. address of the actual Nokia 6086 handset .

Any help is much appreciated!

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