Hello there

Do you know how to solve this problem of accessing bank accounts throught the nokia n95?

Once the password and the id has been filled, I cannot enter into my bank accounts. I have had this problem with the websites of two banks which are Banco Santander Central Hispano(BSCH)

www dot gruposantander dot es

and Banco Sabadell.

www dot sabadellatlantico dot com
Please, replace dot with .
In the case of Banco Sabadell website, I know that the nokia n95 gets connected to the bank account because the link called "desconectar" is shown, that is to say, "disconect". Nonetheless, if you try to see the bank account details by clicking on the corresponding link, the browser will take you again to the page in which password and identifier are requested. In the case of Banco Santander Central Hispano, once id and password are filled the page does not change after clicking the link "enter", so nokia n95 cannot even get connected in this second case. Is there anyone who might know why nokia n95 cannot be used for this purpose of managing bank accounts through the bank websites? The only thing I know is that I have seen someone who had the same problem with banks and this phone but they did not give a solution in the forum where they posted the problem. The only idea that came to my mind for the time being is that this problem might have to do with some kind of setting that I might have disabled. However, I still do not know what setting of this mobile might be causing this problem.

I would really appreciate an answer.

Thank you very much.

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