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    Ok, so I need some help from the Internet. First of all, I know what you're thinking, "Why is this guy dealing with a Nokia 1200 and not an N96 or an E71?" Just don't worry about that.

    What I need help with is: I need a Nokia 1200 USA version (850/1900). I can find the phone, but only in blue. I need, and I stress, need, this crappy old Nokia phone but in black. I can only find the black version for the 900/1800 frequencies. So, my question to you, Internet, is if anyone knows whether or not there ever existed a Nokia 1200 USA version that retailed in black and not blue.

    THANK YOU very much.

    P.S. - I've even thought of purchasing the Euro version and removing the black trim as if it were a faceplate and using on a USA version of the phone, but I'm not sure whether they unclip like old faceplates from even older, crappier Nokias.

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    Re: Nokia 1200 - USA Version Question

    Having just returned from Florida with my purchase of a Nokia 1200 Black, I realize that it doesn't work in Europe
    I suppose that it cannot be altered from GSM 850/1900 to GSM 900/1800?
    Are you still interested?

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