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    Hello Everyeone, my name is Mike, i just registered here on this forum, as it seems to be one of the biggest mobile phone communities on the net. To start with, i was victim on the clone N95 chinese phone, i bought it of ebay and the user is no longer registered and i have no way of communicating with him. When i first recieved the phone, i installed my sim card in it to see if its working and sadly, it does not pickup any of the net works. As you all may know the clone N95 operates on 1800/1900 and 900 Mhz frequances. Being a customer of a Canadian mobile company " Rogers Wireless" the only frequancy which my phone carrier uses is 850 Mhz. Is there anyway i can get the phone unlocked so i can use it with my current phone carrier? i hate to see 300 dollars being waste on a product which will be thrown in the garbage, anyway any of your input is greatly appreciated and i look forward to become part of your great online community


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    Re: N95 clone Help

    is the cosmetics the same? or is it different i know the n96 clone has a bigger NOKIA on the bottom of the screen

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    Re: N95 clone Help

    getting the phone unlocked won't change the frequencies...I'm sorry that happened to you. Did you use paypal? I think they have some kind of buyer protection...

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