Hi everyone

I just went to a verizon store and got a nokia 6502 - Pre paid.

Ok so anyway, they activated the phone and everything ALL good

So when i got home i was just browsing the menus and then removed the front plastic cover that covers the screen..You know you peel it

After that i think i saw the screen blink BLACK for 1 second - it was so quick - Like a mila Second and went back to normal

WTF? This is a new phone

Sorry i am paranoid...phone works fine and all. But this little sputter screen thing bothered me

It was like a blink

is this a common occurnace...The screen is fine..I mean lcd? Yea. But weird to have this happen

Bothers me

IS IT A SIGN? of an defect.

I notice everything. sorry to sound like im crazy but i just had not even 10 minutes with the phone when this occured

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