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  • Nokia 5310

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  • Nokia 5220

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  • Nokia 2630 and iPod nano (£140)

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  • Some other model with a 3.5mm headphone plug

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    Hi All,

    The company I work for let me use a Nokia 6300 and I am quite happy with it. Love the way it syncs with the PC, the UI, battery life... really nice.

    I like to keep my personal phone separate form the company phone, so I'm keen on replacing my Sony Ericsson K510i. My choice of a Nokia will allow me to keep only one charger

    My other priorities and requirements are as follows:
    1) I want to use the phone as my music player - must have 3.5mm headphone connector;
    2) must have bluetooth for syncing and MP3 file transfer
    3) must use Nokia PC Sync to keep calendar in Sync with Windows Vista Calendar - NO Outlook at home!

    So I've looked around and it looks like these 2 models will do just fine and cost less than £100: 5310 and 5220.

    There are a couple of questions I can't get answered at the shops - hopefully real life users will be able to know:
    1) will these phones show up on my PC as removable drives, so I can upload MP3s there using iTunes or no special application at all?
    2) Can I charge these phones via USB?
    3) is a 3.5mm connector a good idea? Is Sony Ericsson right to use an adapter between their proprietary plug and the headphones, protecting the phone from wear and tear?
    4) any idea why the 5310 is limited to 4GB cards and the more recent 5220 to 2GB?

    Thanks for any help


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    Re: Nokia 5220 vs. 5310


    Q1---Yes you can use the data cable and it will show as a drive on pc.

    Q2---You can not charge via usb i dont believe as mine doesnt work and i have all the usb drivers installed.

    Q3---I have no problem with the 3.5 It makes it easier as its standard headphone jack size.

    Q4---Just has to do with phones storage capabilities such as the phone might only be able to process so much data.

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