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    Just got the N96 Yesterday an was sourly disappointed, my previous phones is the 6300 and in comparison the N96 feels very very plastic, the 6300 has many batter functions for example you can have a security cod eon the key lock, u can copy an paste things in the calendar, very useful if you see similar clients each week.When your tying to select a name to text on the N96 it has a very long way of going about it. I am seriously considering going back to my 6300 and abandoning the N96, not a happy bunny.

    Please keep on sharing your experience if you have any.

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    Re: Nokia N96 – Share your experience

    This is a really great phone, media player, and gps. its not a 5 star, is simply becuase they didnt opt to go with a qwerty keyboard. So after using a palm, or blackjack phone you have to revert back to your old ways of typing in text messages which i do not like.

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    Re: Nokia N96 – Share your experience

    u re right,n96 is usefull for internet,not game and other things,i think n95 8gb very very better than n96,what a shame for Nokia

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