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    Hello, I have an old Nokia 7190 that I'd really like to use with my ATT/Cingular account, but the problem is that it says "Sim Card Error" whenever I put the card in. As far as I understand, this phone is a GSM, and even has a cingular decal on it. I don't know why it is not compatible with my sim card, I even took it to a local Cingular phone shop and they couldn't give me an answer.
    Yes, I know there are obviously better phones out there, but I'd like to use this one anyways.
    Appreciate your time!

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    Re: Help getting Nokia 7190 to work

    Dear Travis,

    Hi! I have that phone too. There are some things you can consider why it's rejecting your SIM. First, are you using a Cingular Wireless SIM? If you do, does it still say "SIM Card Error."? If it does, your phone might be blocked. 2nd, have you tried using another SIM providers SIM like T-Mobile? Try putting another service providers SIM card and see what it says. If it still says "SIM Card Error", your phone is definitely blocked. There are 4 SIM-Locks on your phone. Since a 7190 is a DCT-3 or DCT-4, you will need to unlock it using a data-cable for the 51xx/61xx/71xx series and an unlocking software you can download via the internet for free. That is what I did on mine. My phone was simlocked to Fido Network in Canada and I unlock it. I even did an Automatic Sliding Door conversion with mine using the 7110 casing. A lot of mods but it works perfectly!


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