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    Anyone wants to comment on it?. I have some FIDO (canada) dollars and it will cost me 30 bucks, should I go for it?

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    Re: Nokia 3500?

    Though I do not have this phone personally but one of my friend does, have seen him handle this for quite some time and I would suggest you to go for it as you wont be disappointed. The camera is better than any other contemporary sets and the same can be said for the MP3 player. Some people would always have negative things to say but I am sure they easily weigh down when you compare its features.
    Waiting for the N96 for me

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    Re: Nokia 3500?

    hey, i have the Fido Nokia 3500-classic and i can't give it any bad reviews (except for the fact that you can't use custom ringtones, but that's a problem with most phones now, due to copyright laws...and i posted a thread about creating your own ringtones that work with the Nokia 3500-classic ) ...i recommend the phone and don't think you will be disappointed, for it's price, compact size and features...it's a pretty good phone. Also, the phone has superb sound quality and i bought a 2gb memory card for $12 dollars CAN @ Walmart :P (since the phone only comes with 8 MB of memory) and you can put more music, pictures and video. It's a great deal that you shouldn't miss out on...I love my Nokia!

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    Re: Nokia 3500?

    Nokia 3500-classic is a great phone. I love it

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    Re: Nokia 3500?

    NOKIA 3500 is classic cell phone! once I wanted to buy it when I lost my phone(also NOKIA 3120), because it fits my request on entertainment while I didn't have enough to buy favorite N-serious, the keyboard is very comfortable, let alone the back cover, I loved the phone which can change back color!

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