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    Google Maps for Mobile with Google Street View was added to Nokia's S60 and Microsoft's Windows Mobile yesterday. Being the S60 and Windows Mobile in Street View markets are very popular in Spain, Italy, France and Australia, it's no wonder that the Street View 2.3 update was added to the S60.

    This update of Street View Mobile also includes walking directions (in addition to driving and transit), transit alerts from participating public transportation authorities, see what people think of a place by reading others reviews, and an updated user interface to make things more responsive and easier to use. It's always nice to see a feature like this popping up into other handsets.

    If you have an S60 and want to get the application go to on your phone

    Here's a demo of how Street View works (on a Blackberry)

    YouTube - Google Maps for mobile featuring Street View: Flat Tire

    via: Official Google Mobile Blog: Street View on Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile? Check.

    See More: S60 adds Google Street View
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    Re: S60 adds Google Street View

    Does this also apply to S60 v3.1 (e71)?

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    Re: S60 adds Google Street View

    Quote Originally Posted by ronnie0738 View Post
    Does this also apply to S60 v3.1 (e71)?
    This software is available on the Nokia 871 and proved very impressive.

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