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    My friend just gave me this phone, with no charger or anything.

    I am wondering, how do i transfer pictures and ringtones or music to the phone?

    Do i have to buy a specific cord to connect it to the PC?

    I have used the Razr for years and with that i used a program called Motorola Mobile Phone Tools, i could load my photos to use for wallpapers and i could use my music and shorten the song to whatever length i wanted.
    Is there any such program that does similar things for Nokia phones?

    Also is there a setting for vibration ring only? I have tried all but i don't get any vibration on any. I dont get vibration on any calls either and i have the setting on.

    I have version 05.91 how do i update the firmware or whatever as well?


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    Re: Nokia 5310 Xpress Music Slvr Questions

    What do you have for a carrier?

    If you have T-Mobile then i suggest you use my process that i use for now untill my data cable comes in the mail. I send them to my mobile e-mail for T-Mobile it YourNumberWithA[email protected] just compose an e-mail with the attached file.

    If you dont have T-Mobile you can use a card reader for your expandable memory card and just plug it in your pc and load Tones and Pics that way. You can also load themes and then access them through your gallery of your phone. This is by far the most versitile phone i have ever owned when it comes to transfering data.

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    Re: Nokia 5310 Xpress Music Slvr Questions

    You need to buy or arrange data cable for transfer pictures and ringtones or music from PC to phone.

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