Hi All,

I read through the forums looking for a way to forward ALL SMS messages to a website address. I see a lot of threads on forwarding SMS to Emails, but none for making an http call. Something like:

http : // somewebaddress_dot_tld/myscriptname.php?full_SMS_message_and_number_it_came_from

There is one by wireless-labs dot com called sms2email, but still is to Email address like john @ somedomain dot com. Lots of others on Nokia's software site.

Any one know of any software that will do this for free or paid (willing to pay upto $30 maybe)?

I thought this should be simple: no whitelists/blacklists, no conditions.

And, btw, it should NOT require a PC to be connected to the mobile phone. Standalone mobile application.

Once I find the software, I will then buy the phone, preferably a Nokia.

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