I have a Nokia Maps 2.0 3 months Voice Navigation activation code that I got for being a S60 Ambassador (I definitely recommend joining to get free stuff). I wasn't going to use it so to celebrate the new year, I'm going to give it away in what I call the "Tell me why you need Nokia Maps this Holiday" give away!

All you have to do is post to this thread and tell me:

1. What phone you have (hopefully it's a Nokia S60)
2. Tell me why you want Nokia Maps Navigation or tell me why you like Nokia Maps

Note: The Nokia Maps 3 month voucher doesn't say it's limited to North America but I got it for their North America campaign so I can't say it'll work anywhere else.

On January 4, I'm going to select a random reply on this thread (all replies must be posted before Jan 4 EST) and send that person a PM with the activation code.

Good luck to everyone! And thanks to everyone who's on HoFo for making it such a great community.

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