If you are having the boot up problem, with the nokia6265i, where you turn it on, get the white screen with the battery bar, then your home page for about 5 seconds, then the phone turns off by itself..this is how i fixed it. Turn the phone on, and before you see the "hands" hit and continue to hit the right hand blue button. Now, continue to do this, even though it looks like the phone has turned off. My experience was that I got the home page about three times before the phone turned itself off. You have to be patient. I tried doing this about 5-15 times a day, for about 2 weeks....but to my surprise, and a little prayer, it finally worked today. My home page changed, and so did my ring..but they were not lost in the phone, and neither were my contacts or pictures. So I'm never ever turning it off again! I hope this helps.

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