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    hi, i recently broke my nokia 6234 screen. the phone still works just the screen is broken. i want to copy all my contacts to my simcard. if anyone has a nokia 6234 then if u can gimee instructions on how to do it. eg, contacts>options>upx3 whatever. so if anyone can give methe instructions on how to copy my contacts from phone to sim it will be much appreciaated

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    Re: Help for nokia 6234

    You can use Nokia PC Suite to connect to the phone and backup all the content.

    If you've previously backuped the phone, you can find the .nbu file at: C:\Document and Settings\user name\Appliaction data\Nokia\Content Copier.

    You can open the backup file (.nbu/.nfb/.nfc/.cdb/.arc) using Noki (nokisoft dot com).

    p.s The "application data" folder is hidden by default. You need to turn it to visible folder.
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