i am looking to upgrade to a smartphone and have narrowed it down to one of 5 that my carrier offers, 1 qwerty, 2 touch, 1 qwerty+touch and 1 slider. i have found online reviews for all of them and the specs are just about the same all-round. i have never had a smart phone and want one that will be a good email phone, comfortable for web browsing, good quality build, compatible with many applications, customizable, good call quality. i am worried that the touch screens might be gimmicky and i will get tired and fed up with it after a while. are they really that good? also i like the size of the e66, but think that it will be a pain for mail without a keyboard. my top 3 choices would probably be the omnia, the e71 and the toshiba, whith the other 2 a distant second choice. any advice would be appreciated. for anyone who already has one or knows someone with one, tell me everything you hate about them or would want to change, thanks,
my options are
Nokia E77
Nokia E66
Samsung Omnia i900 8g
Toshiba Portege G810
Palm Treo Pro

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