I use the 6010 only because when you use a handsfree/earbud, it is louder than any other phone I have tried. Even at the loudest setting, other phones are not loud enough for me.

The problem is that other than the genuine Nokia earbud, every 4-ring 2.5mm earbud I've tried does not fit precisely into the plug on the phone, so that if you bump the phone while you are talking, the person on the other end hears loud static as the plug jiggles slightly. Is it possible that Nokia uses 2.6mm instead of 2.5mm?

Now to my question - I want to use headsets that are not specifically built for the 6010, and am looking for a converter like this one

google "2.5mm Adapter for Nokia with 2.5mm Plug"

However I would guess that it is not going to fit precisely despite having 4 rings and 2.5mm.

Is anyone else aware of this problem and has anyone found a converter that works?


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