Dear all,

I have two Nokia mobile phones, one is Nokia 6600 Fold that is based on regular S40 edition 6 OS and the other is Nokia E71 that is based on S60 edition 3. Both are wonderful phones, honestly.

My problem with theS60 based mobiles, which is meant for business in the first place, is in the text messaging. On the other hand, I don't have any problem in the text messaging in the S40. Simply, S40 has the ability to let you send a text message to the most recent people you’ve already sent a text message to. Besides, it allows you to also choose from the call log; recent contacts you've called or received calls from. S60 does not have this, I assume this feature as a competitive powerful business feature.

If you are in business, you sometimes want to send a message to some colleague who just called you, and his colleague as well where you'll pick from the contact list, then to some other manager who just send you a message on the same subject. I use this feature a lot, at least 10 SMS's a day. It's hectic to re-search all the contact list to add recipient while you can easily pick them from the menu in S40 based mobiles.

Does anyone know when Nokia is willing to add this feature to the S60 based mobiles, or any workaround or application that would ease my life with the S60's?



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